What is all the fuss about Mop Flies?

Mop Flies are a hot topic of conversation in the fly fishing industry. They are catching a lot of fish all over the world, so they have proven to be effective (both in recreational fishing and in competition fishing). However, some traditionalists may frown upon using a Mop Fly because it doesn't necessarily look like a "classic fly" that one would see in books or the movies. But that's ok. There was once a time when any fly other than a Dry Fly was frowned upon too.  Mop Flies are really no different than many of the worm and egg patterns that have been sold in fly shops for years. The only difference is that Mop Flies generally catch more fish!

 Will using a Mop Fly guarantee that I will catch fish?

No, but it should help. In fly fishing (and most other types of fishing), "presentation" trumps "pattern." So the skill of the angler is always the most important factor. But when using a Mop Fly, the angler can have confidence that in most cases, the fly will work if presented reasonably well to the fish.

 Are Mop Flies just for fly fishing and/or for trout?

No. Although Mop Flies are generally thought of as a fly fishing and/or trout fly, they are very effective in catching many other species such as bluegill, crappie, bass, walleye, carp, grayling, salmon, and just about any freshwater or saltwater species that you would typically use a small jig to catch. The weight of the tungsten bead is heavy enough to allow for spin fishing if desired.

What does a Mop Fly imitate?

It is hard to know exactly what a fish thinks. More than likely, a Mop Fly imitates a small bait fish, caddis larva, cased caddis, crane fly larva, grub, caterpillar, worm, or many other fish treats. Depending on the color used and the method of tying, a Mop Fly could be tied to imitate almost anything.

Does color matter? 

Yes and No. Because Mop Flies are fished all over the world, the type of fish, weather conditions, water clarity, angler confidence, and other factors could affect color selection. The color combinations offered by Mopflies.com™ are almost limitless, so choose several combinations that you feel confident with based on the conditions in which you normally fish.

Please be aware that the colors shown on this website may vary slightly from the actual Mop Fly color due to variations in screen quality and brightness of differing computers, tablets, and phones.

Why are tungsten bead heads preferred for Mop Flies?

Tungsten beads are almost three times heavier than the more common brass beads. Although tungsten beads are a lot more expensive than brass beads, it is important to have the additional weight at the head of the fly as opposed to adding split shot to your line or tippet. The fly or jig needs to have the most natural drift possible and having the weight at the head of the fly gives you that advantage. 
More than 90% of a trout's diet comes from food sources below the surface. The same is true for other species like bass, crappie, bluegill, and carp. In most cases, you want the Mop Fly to be fished near the bottom, so tungsten provides the quickest sink rate which is especially beneficial in swift flowing water. In warm water environments like lakes or ponds, a quicker sink rate is also preferred (regardless of whether you are fishing the Mop Fly with a fly rod or spinning rod).
Should I choose a Size 10 or a Size 12 hook?
Size 10 or Size 12 hooks seem to be the most popular sizes in Fly Shops and online. There are a couple of variables associated with each size. A 3.8mm (5/32") slotted tungsten bead is typically used with a Size 10 jig hook, and a 3.3mm (1/8") slotted tungsten bead is typically used with a Size 12 jig hook. Obviously, the Size 10 hook is slightly larger than the Size 12 hook, so the hook gap is slightly wider on the Size 10.
The Mop Fly body tied on a Size 10 hook is essentially the same size as the body tied on a Size 12 hook, so from the fish's perspective, the profile of the fly is basically the same.  But the Size 10 hook will be more heavily weighted (because of the 3.8mm bead) and get down to the bottom quicker and stay there easier. The Size 12 Mop Fly would drift a little higher in the water column, and that may be advantageous in some situations.



Why are Mopflies.com™ flies of a high quality?

Only the finest materials are used, and all Mop Flies are hand tied in the USA. The hooks are high quality, precision sharp competition jig hooks. Tungsten beads are used (unless the customer chooses otherwise) so that the fly sinks fast to where the fish are. The strongest threads are used so that the fly can withstand the abuse of catching many, many fish.

Why are jig hooks the preferred hook style to use? 

Jig hooks are the best hooks to use for Mop Flies because the hook point rides up. This reduces the number for times the fly will hang up on the bottom. It also helps with a good hook set in the mouth of the fish.

Why are barbless hooks the preferred hook style to use? 

Barbless hooks are preferred because they stick the fish easier and more efficiently. But they also cause less harm to the fish than barbed hooks when removed. 

What brand of thread do you use to tie Mopflies.com™ flies?

Veevus GSP thread is the primary thread used because of its inherent strength.  

What kind of beads do you use to tie Mopflies.com™ flies?

The majority of Mopflies.com™ flies are tied with Tungsten beads. In most cases, you want the Mop Fly to be fished near the bottom, so Tungsten provides the quickest sink rate. Upon request, Mopflies.com™ flies can be tied with lighter weight brass beads, and those may be more beneficial when the conditions require a slower sink rate. They can also be tied with no weight at all.



What are the shipping costs?

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Is my payment secure?

This website uses the Shopify platform which is the leading eCommerce technology used by over 500,000 businesses including some of the largest brands in the world. Shopify includes an SSL certificate that uses industry standard 256-bit encryption technology. This is the same level of encryption used by large banks to keep your information secure.

Do you sell custom Mop Flies?

Yes. Mop flies can be custom ordered if there is a color, bead, hook, thread, dubbing, or leg combination that you prefer. Please use the "Contact Us" form to inquire. Minimum order of a dozen flies of the same pattern for custom orders.

Do you sell to Fly Shops and Guides?

Yes. Please use the "Contact Us" form for special pricing on orders of a quantity of 100 or more Mop Flies. We have many satisfied and repeat Fly Shop customers.


Please be aware that the colors shown on this website may vary slightly from the actual Mop Fly color due to variations in screen quality and brightness of differing computers, tablets, and phones.